In Progress: Implementation Specialists - A Scoping Review

Literature Review
Bianca Albers
Allison Metz
Katie Burke
European Implementation Collaborative
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By ‘implementation specialists’ we mean individuals, who support others in their implementation of evidence-based and evidence-informed programs, practices or policies. They are typically located outside of direct service delivery and may provide coaching, technical assistance or implementation support in different ways and forms. We want to understand what is known about this particular role in implementation practice and are therefore conducting a systematic scoping review of the literature. As part of this review, we are sourcing literature through electronic databases, the websites of relevant organisations and institutions, and by contacting experts who – given their familiarity with the field of implementation science and practice – may be aware of publications that are relevant for us to consider. If you are aware of any publicatons that could be relevant for us to include please forward them to our chair, Bianca Albers by April 26, 2019.