European Implementation Score - Assessing the implementation of research evidence into practice

EIS Project
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Final Summary - EIS
Development of a European Implementation Score for measuring implementation of research into healthcare practice using vascular disease as an example.
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The European Implementation Score (EIS) aimed to measure how well new knowledge is implemented into clinical practice in Europe. The EIS addressed implementation of research knowledge at different levels of the health care system (micro-, meso- and macro-level) and in different health care settings (e.g. primary care, hospital, specialised care).

Focus on stroke

The focus of the project was stroke because of the emerging new evidence of effective new treatments available and because of the national initiatives and governmental policies in this area. We tested the transferability of the developed methods using coronary heart disease as another vascular disease example


To develop the project objectives, 8 partners and data from 14 stroke registers and 2 coronary heart disease registers were utilised. A range of methods were used including: literature reviews on implementation, evidence based stroke care and user involvement; multinational surveys; consensus methods for deriving performance indicators; ethnographic methods, statistical modeling of data, including health economic analysis.