Netherlands Implementation Collective

The Netherlands Implementation Collaborative (NIC)'s mission is to share knowledge about effective implementation gained in (scientific and practical) research and to promote the application of this knowledge in education, practice, policy and science.

The target group of the NIC are people involved in and responsible for implementing methods in public health care and youth care. These people include: policy makers, quality engineers, (implementation)researchers and intervention developers / owners. These people are employed in the sectors practice, policy and science. People in the target group have a wide network with which they are able to share this knowledge.

Key activities involve the (creation of an infrastructure to) exchange knowledge on effective implementation of methods. We do this by:

  • Linking individuals and groups that work in this area in the Netherlands
  • Sharing and exchanging knowledge on our digital platform
  • Organizing 2 national meetings a year on relevant subjects
  • Our connection with the European and Global Implementation Initiatives (EIC and GII)

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For further information Contact Pauline Goense ([email protected]) or Marleen Wilschut ([email protected])