Alexandra Ziemann

Alexandra Ziemann
King's College London
United Kingdom

Alexandra Ziemann is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Implementation Science, King's College London.

Her research aims at improving the scale-up, spread and sustainability of innovations. Her current research investigates the influence of external contextual factors – such as cultural, socio-economic, political and health system factors – on the implementation of innovations. Alexandra focuses on analysing innovations in emergency care applying mixed methods, realist, and systems approaches. She is also interested in strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange across different sectors and scientific fields concerned with the diffusion of innovations.

Before joining King's College London in 2016, Alexandra worked in the Netherlands as a policy advisor improving cross-border emergency care with Germany. She gained a PhD in public health at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and combined her PhD study with a researcher’s post, working on a number of different projects, focusing on public health surveillance and emergency care improvement across Europe. Alexandra previously worked as a researcher and project manager mainly in European collaborative projects at different universities and co-managed an independent research corporation in Germany. She studied for a Diploma in Human Geography (MSc equivalent) at the universities of Greifswald, Bonn and Munich in Germany.