Bianca Albers

Bianca Albers
Centre for Evidence and Implementation
European Implementation Collaborative (EIC)

I have a background in political science and have worked with implementation of evidence-based practice in child, youth and family services since 2005. To begin with, the focus was on supporting empirically supported treatments in child and youth welfare. Today my scope is broader, and I am supporting both the design, adoption, adaptation, implementation and sustainment of evidence-based practice in child and family services. I am also a keen producer and user of systematic reviews - especially when they have an implementation bend. Between 2011 and 2015 I was involved in building the Global Implementation Initiative (GII), and co-chaired the first three Global Implementation Conferences (GIC). I also co-founded the Danish Implementation Network (DIN) and chaired the 2018 Nordic Implementation Conference. Currently, I am in my second term of chairing the board for the European Implementation Collaborative (EIC).