Mission and Vision

The European Implementation Collaborative (EIC) aims to improve the life of children, youth, adults, and families in Europe through effective evidence-informed implementation of evidence-informed human services.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote greater awareness and understanding of implementation science and practice within and across European welfare and human service systems.
  • Create an infrastructure for cross-European exchange of the ‘know what’, ‘know why’, and ‘know how’ of implementation practice and science.
  • Identify and develop a common Europe-specific knowledge base and language on implementation in order to define the specific contextual factors of the European human service delivery systems that encompass implementation work in European countries.
  • Link the individuals and groups working in this area in Europe back to the growing global community of implementation science and practice and contribute a European perspective to the wider development of the field.
Logic Model

Read our Logic Model here

Who is it for?

The EIC aims to engage a range of individual and organisational stakeholders in the field of implementation in Europe. Including:

Stakeholder Diagram


A board of 7 Directors heads the EIC. They represent different European countries and implementation initiatives and were elected in the second General Assembly, which was held on May 29, 2018 in Copenhagen. Read the minutes from the General Assembly here and our Governance Structure here.

Board Members

Bianca Albers (Chair)

Tom Jefford (Treasurer)

Pauline Goense

Katie Burke

Cecilie Varsi

Alexandra Ziemann

Dagfinn M. Thøgersen


The EIC would like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations for their support