Danish Implementation Network

The Danish Implementation Network (DIN) contributes to the development of implementation science and practice as a distinct discipline in Denmark. DIN works to put implementation, the necessary step to bridge science and practice, on the agenda of policymakers, funders, practitioners, organisational leaders and researchers working in social care, health, education and labour market services.

Visit the DIN website for further information:

Implementation Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland

In 2011, the Centre for Effective Services established the Implementation Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland.Its overarching purpose is to create opportunities to promote and share learning about effective implementation of policy and practice within and across health, education and social care sectors in Ireland and Northern Ireland and internationally.

Italian Implementation Network

Italian Implementation Network

The Italian Implementation Network ( was launched on the 31 July 2015 during the Annual Seminar of the International Association for Outcome-based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children's Services. It is an initiative of Fondazione Zancan and it aims to link social and health professionals involved in activities related to the multisite project Personalab.

The Network is now working towards developing the Network to include a wider audience interested in how to implement effective practices.

Netherlands Implementation Collective

The Netherlands Implementation Collaborative (NIC)'s mission is to share knowledge about effective implementation gained in (scientific and practical) research and to promote the application of this knowledge in education, practice, policy and science.

Nordic Implementation Interest Group

The Nordic Implementation Interest Group started in August 2013 as an invitation to researchers and practitioners to join a Nordic Interest Group for Implementation of Evidence Based Practice and quality improvement in health and human services. An Internet site was created and a mailing list was established for seminars and course invitations. The interest group welcome Nordic as well as non-Nordic members and the activities announced on the web pages are open to a wider audience.